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Retail Retail Retail
Increase sales by giving customers more ways to pay. You can pay in cash, scan the QR code, by credit card or with a check ……
Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant
All in one payment terminal integrated most popular payment type. Many types of the fashion cash register and the handheld pos……
Identification Identification Identification
A smart terminal that is integrated with face recognition, fingerprint recognition, ID card recognition, applied to visitor …………
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Company Profile

Shenzhen Haodexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, which is located in the China's “Silicon Valley”---Shenzhen. The company got the certificates of “Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprises” and “Chinese High-Tech Enterprises”. Haodexin Technology is a professional intelligent electronic terminal provider and custom-made manufacturer that base on 2D barcode recognition, face recognition technology, new retail concept and artificial intelligence technology. Haodexin set up a modern manufacturing center in Pingshan District of Shenzhen City, which is equipped with large-scale SMT processing, PCBA post welding test, end-product assembly and strict quality control system. We offer a one-stop service that is from product definition, product development to PCBA manufacturing and product ODM. VIEW MORE >>

  • GC082 pos terminal appeared at a university restaurant on CCTV news Broadcast

    Haodexin GC082 pos terminal appeared at a university restaurant of Shanghai city on the CCTV News Broadcast (7 p.m. Aug. 10th , 2017). The news advocated the traditional culture of diligent and thrifty. Meanwhile, it is also reported that the catering enterprises reduces food waste by optimizing the way of ordering meals. VIEW MORE >>

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  • Nanning pilot "elderly dining hall", the elderly can eat by face paymet

    With the development of science and technology, technologies like face recognition, which used to look very high-end, have gradually been widely used. Recently, Nanning, Guangxi, has officially launched the "elderly dining hall", where eligible elderly people can "brush their faces to pay" after eating in the dining hall. The person in charge said that face payment is the most convenient payment type,VIEW MORE >>

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  • CHINA - Embraces Facial Payment Tech

    China’s shoppers are increasingly purchasing goods with just a turn of their heads as the country embraces facial payment technology. In a country where mobile payment is already one of the most advanced in the world, customers can make a purchase simply by posing in front of point-of-sale (POS) machines equipped with cameras, after linking an image of their face to a digital payment system or bank account. VIEW MORE >>

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